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You Can Trust Tina’s Cleaning Services Tallahassee to do the Job Right, Professionally & Courteously

We can provide Tallahassee residents a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. We also offer Tallahassee cleaning services as a one-time cleaning, move-in or move-out, spring cleaning, and cleanings for special occasions. You can choose between a Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning, as well as Green Cleaning or Conventional Cleaning products.

Every home needs some extra-special care once in a while and it is always a good idea to deep clean periodically, such as with season changes.We always bring all supplies we need to clean your home, but we can use specific products upon request.

We have been doing “Green Cleaning” for years. We use eco-friendly and green cleaning products that protect our customers and employees, as well as the environment.

All our vacuums have HEPA filtration systems, which help people with allergies and dust mite problems.

Regular Cleaning Includes:

Room Cleaning
•   Vacuum carpet
•   Vacuum & mop if it is wood floor or tile
•   Beds made and linens changed
•   Dust furniture and fans within reach
•   Dust picture frames
•   Dust decorative items
•   Dust blinds, window sills, baseboard
•   Empty waste baskets

Kitchen Cleaning
•   Clean & sanitize counters, sinks, faucets
•   Clean appliances – exterior
•   Clean inside microwave
•   Dust decorative items on the counter top
•   Dust cabinets and fans within reach
•   Wipe table & chairs
•   Wipe range top
•   Dust blinds, window sills, baseboard
•   Vacuum & mop floors
•   Empty trash

Bathroom Cleaning
•   Clean & sanitize vanities, counters, sinks
•   Clean & sanitize shower, bathtub, faucets, toilets
•   Scrub shower to remove soap scum build up, mold, mildew
•   Chrome fixtures cleaned and left shining
•   Clean & shine mirrors
•   Dust light fixture within reach
•   Wipe cabinets – exterior
•   Vacuum & clean floors
•   Empty waste basket

Additional Cleaning – Upon Request
Along with our regular house cleaning tasks we also provide extras tasks.
•   Oven – inside
•   Refrigerator – inside
•   Wash interior windows within reach
•   Fans & light fixtures – hand wipe with damp cloth
•   Wipe and vacuum porch
•   Swipe the garage

Deep Cleaning includes:

Deep Cleaning requires dedicating more time and attention to the details of the house that need more than the routine cleaning care.
We take extra steps to provide Tallahassee home cleaning with the deep, extra clean service.

In addition to every task performed in a regular cleaning described above, we will also do the following during a Deep Cleaning:

•   Scrub and vacuum all surfaces prior to cleaning with a cloth or brush to ensure removal of buildup
•   Wipe baseboards, doors, sliding glass doors with a wet cloth
•   Wipe interior windows that are reachable
•   Wipe window blinds
•   Clean underneath and behind furniture